Twin Towers: Propelled Demolition

Why Were the WTC Twin Towers Destroyed That Way: Explaining the Mechanism of Their Destruction on 9/11

One of the unanswered questions about the events of September 11, 2001, is why the Twin Towers were destroyed in such an outward-directed energetic event. The primary finding of this paper is that such a technique exploited the weakest structural link in the towers: the weakness of the connections between the floor trusses and the channel binding them to the central core structure. Severing this connection required the breaking of only two 5/8″ bolts per floor truss. Nano-thermite charges tailored for use as a propellant and placed at the junctures of the floor trusses and the central core structure could have provided the needed outward force to disassemble the building in the observed manner. Video footage of the demolitions and the damage to the steel seen in the rubble support this interpretation. This theory moves beyond just a “hand-waving” appeal to “explosives” in the towers to an actual proposed mechanism.

WTC Propelled Demolition Paper

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