The Second Floor Section of Column 14

One question that has been raised about a large plane impact is the survival of Column 14 on the second floor near the impact point.  It appears in some photographs to be vertical and intact.  That is an illusion, however, due to a single perspective. Seen from the NW the column can be seen to be broken off at the bottom and dangling inward and northward in line with the path of the incoming plane. The damage to this column is consistent with a large plane hitting primarily in the first floor with a few feet overlapping above the second floor slab. Other photographs show that part of the second floor slab is also missing in this area.


(To make Column 14 more visible, the images have been brightened by 35% and the effective exposure setting has been increased by a factor of 3.  This overexposes the bright areas but makes objects in dark areas more visible.  No other alterations have been made to the images.)

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