The Case

The case made here is that explosives were used to demolish all three buildings at the World Trade Centre (WTC). It is divided into three parts: Introduction, WTC 7 and Twin Towers, which can be selected from the sub-menu. The Introduction is mainly an examination of the NIST report. The hope is that this will facilitate understanding and acceptance of the following sections.

As it is my intention to adhere to proven scientific evidence we will first consider the types of evidence available and how to judge their value. For the general misconduct of official organizations like the CIA and the FBI there are leaked documents, off-the-record remarks and in some cases sworn testimony. While evidence of this sort is available regarding the collapses of the WTC buildings, there is also another type of evidence which is more robust and hence extremely important. It is the physical evidence. The case made in this site is almost entirely based on the physical evidence.

In the category of physical evidence there are two sources which are particularly valuable as they are in public hands. They cannot be taken away and hidden or destroyed, as happened quickly with most of the physical evidence after 9/11. As they are in public hands the analysis can be done by anyone. We do not have to rely on the authorities, whom we suspect have something to hide. These sources are the videos of the collapses of the three buildings and samples of the dust which spread out across Manhattan as the buildings fell. If anyone has samples of this dust, please let me know.

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