Penny Little

Penny Little has documented the dire health consequences of the government proclamation that the air was safe to breathe within days of the building collapses and the production of the toxic dust cloud that hovered over New York City on 9/11. The toxic air persisted for an extended period after 9/11 itself. Her major contribution to the movement has been the early release of her film, Dust and Deceit. This has long been available on DVD, but she has now released it to be posted to streaming services.

It is worth contemplating the significance of the government coverup of the toxicity of the air after 9/11, with all of the premature deaths that were caused by that action for what that says about the government’s callousness to human suffering and responsibility for amplifying the toll of the tragedy. The deaths and disabilities due to lung disease over time could well be a larger impact of the event than the violent deaths due to the impacts and building collapses on the day of 9/11.

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