Official Deception

This website is focused on the events of 9/11 and has avoided becoming involved with other important political issues. It is clear however that we should be skeptical of powerful organizations and the media in general.

Regarding the medical industry, for example, there is ample reason to distrust the FDA and, in Australia, the TRG. Dr Mercola, in his investigations, describes numerous cases where the FDA is misleading the public and colluding with the large pharmaceutical companies to help maintain their profits. Another important example to watch is the debate over diet. Health authorities like the Australian National Health and Medical Council have been promoting the low fat, high carbohydrate diet as the way to avoid heart disease. Nina Teicholz, in her book “The Big Fat Surprise” provides many studies showing that diets with high saturated fat, low carbohydrate, produce better health and lower levels of heart disease. In this interview she explains how a single flawed study, strongly promoted, can bring about a wave of acceptance. The similarity with the way in which the global warming theory developed is remarkable. It will be interesting to see how this debate turns out. It is indisputable that obesity, diabetes and heart disease have been increasing since this advice became the norm.

For organizations to deceive the public requires anti-science to be promulgated by the media. It seems that wherever an issue with large economic consequences arises, deception and media blanketing are now common.

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