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Nathan Flach (pronounced Flock) has been a major presence on YouTube in the 9/11 world for a long time, formerly known as Xenomorph911wtc, but now posting under his own name, Nathan Flach. He has been a major source and resource for those of us doing research based on the videos, but his recent work includes creating many stabilized and otherwise enhanced videos and bringing together meaningful montages of views that illuminate the details of the collapses. His collection is far too large to post here, but we have invited him to post a gallery of some of his more significant work on


9/11: Enhanced WTC1 (NBC, Discovery Channel)
Extremely clear version WTC1 North Tower NBC video, from The Discovery Channel’s “Inside The Twin Towers”, except the audio is once again from NIST FOIA file, “WNBC Dub3_31.avi”. Back in the day, I made my first version of this using this using the same clip in 2007, except now there’s a better quality version! Download video.

Enhanced WTC1 (NIST FOIA, CBS-Net Dub6 04, Version 2)
Stabilized view of the North tower, panning down the building, seen from the northeast.

Enhanced WTC1 (BBC World News, Version 2)
Stabilized extended BBC clip of the North Tower from the north, showing the massive wave of explosive ejections under the canopy of debris.

9/11: Stabilized WTC2 (P. Berriff, Discovery Channel)
South Tower video captured by Paul Berriff. Here is a high quality version of this video, this one from Discovery Channel’s “Inside The Twin Towers”. I used audio from Paul’s personal documentary, “9/11: The Firefighters’ Story”. Download clip.

Enhanced WTC2 (G. Pollard, CameraPlanet)
Initiation seen up close then demolition waves race down the east face, viewed from a southeast perspective.

Stabilized WTC2 (L. Cazzaniga, PBS, Clip 1)
Up-close repeat cycle view of the northeast corner of the South Tower at initiation.

Stabilized WTC2 molten metal (CameraPlanet & National Geographic)
Stabilized view of molten metal pouring out of the north face of the South Tower in the last minutes before initiation.

Enhanced WTC2 (B. Riesman, Version 3)
Stabilized zoomed view of the northeast corner of the South Tower from initiation onward.

Stabilized WTC2 (B. Kiederling, NIST FOIA)
The South Tower demolition seen from a low northeast perspective.

Enhanced WTC2 (L. Cazzaniga, NIST FOIA)
The top of the South Tower can be seen to tilt to the east as demolition waves race down the north and east faces of the building.

Compilation of views of WTC7

Enhanced WTC7 (CBS)
The “Dan Rather Candid Commentary Clip” at two levels of zoom.

Enhanced WTC7 (Anonymous, Version 2)
Stabilized upclose northwest view of WTC7.

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