Dick Eastman/Sgt. William Lagasse Email Exchange

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Subject: 9-11
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 13:11:40 -0400
From: “Lagasse, William, , PFPA”
To: “‘apfn@apfn.org ‘”

Dear Sir rest assured it was a Boeing 757 that flew into the building that day, I was on duty as a pentagon police sgt. I was refueling my vehicle at the barraks k gas station that day adjacent to the aircrafts flight path. It was close enough that i could see the windows had the shades pulled down, it struck several light poles next to rt 27 and struck a trailer used to store construction equipment for the renovation of the pentagon that was to the right of the fueselage impact point. The fact that you are insinuating that this was staged and a fraud is unbelievable. You ask were the debris is…well it was in the building..I saw it everywhere. I swear to god you people piss me off to no end. I invite you and you come down and I will walk you through it step by step. I have more than a few hours in general aviation aircraft and can identify commercial airliners. Have you ever seen photos of other aircraft accident photos…there usually isnt huge amounts of debris left…how much did you see from the WTC?…are those fake aircraft flying into the building. I know that this will make no diffrence to you because to even have a websight like this you are obviously a diffrent sort of thinker.

To: Sgt. WIlliam Lagasse
From: Dick Eastman

Dear Sgt. Lagasse,

Ken Varden considers you letter important enough to forward to several people interested in what REALLY happened.

Your statement indicates that you are a very good witnesses who knows planes and knows who what to look for.

Before passing on your letter to others who can’t make up their minds what to believe, could you describe further all that you witnessed.

Is Barraks K in Fort Meyer, west of the crash, or is it attached to the Pentagon itself?

Where did the plane come in, in relation to the Naval Annex and the Columbia Pike?

Were you able to see what part of the Boeing hit the lamp posts and at what height the posts were “clipped”? (Or did you notice the downed poles afterwards?)

Where were you standing in relation to the crash point, the helipad, the trailor that was hit? How far from the crash? I’d like to locate you on the map.

Several people saw the shades pulled down — were you looking at the port (left) or starboard side?

Did you notice the plane tilt its wings or bank in its final flight?

Did you see the trailer being struck or is this based on your later observation of the damage?

How did the plane descend as it approached the Pentagon at the bottom of the hill?

You saw the debis everywhere in the building. Were you in the building or did you look in through the hole made in the crash before the wall collapsed?

Or did you go inside and look around at a later day?

What specific parts of the Boeing (passenger chairs, fuselage, aluminum frame etc.) did you see?

What debris did you see that you recognized as coming from a commercial airliner?

You saw the Boeing go by. Did you see the actual explosion? If so, can you describe how the plane went in.

I will pass on the letter you have already sent to places where this topic is being heatedly argued and where the majority of people have not yet made up their minds.

I must admit that I am heavily influenced by pictures of the hole and the video camera evidence — but I cannot say I am 100 percent certain what happened.

I hope you give me the benefit of the doubt that I will not dismiss your observations out of hand. If I am mistaken, please believe it is an honest mistake and remember, I have never heard your story.


Dick Eastman

From: Lagasse, William, , PFPA
To: Dick Eastman

Mr. Eastman The barracks k gas station is were the press set up after the attack, approx 500-600m west-south west of the pentagon. The aircraft struck the poles in question, they were not blown down, the aircraft passed almost directly over the naval annex splitting the distance between the ANC and Columbia pike. and was approx 100-150ft agl when it passed over the annex and continued on a shallow-fast decent and literally hit the building were it met the ground. There was no steep bank, but a shallow bank with a heavy uncoordinated left rudder turn causing a severe yaw into the building with the starboard side of the cockpit actually hitting at about the same time the wing was involved with the trailer, Because of the Doppler effect no one could have heard the plane if they were on rt 27 until it was already in the building, identifying its position and trajectory from that angle would have been difficult if not impossible…it was not over Arlington National Cemetery but closer to Columbia pike itself, there is a small grove of trees that would have shielded anyone on 27 from seeing the aircraft until it was literally on top of them…again not much time to make the assessment. I identified it as American Airlines almost as soon as I saw it and radioed that it had struck the building. I was on the Starboard side of the aircraft. There was very little wake turbulence that I can recall, which was surprising to me. The aircraft DID NOT have its landing gear or flaps extended. whoever said the landing gear comes out when its that low forgets the aircraft was exceeding the speed that would allow gear to be extended. How and where the trailer was struck I cant speak of because rt 27 blocked my view slightly to the right because it is elevated. I did however see it in person BEFORE any EMS/Fire arrived and it was fully engulfed in flame 30-40 seconds after impact literally torn in half. you can see in a few AP photos a tower workers 300zx on the left side of the impact point that was struck adjacent to the fire truck that was hit. 3 fireman were there at the tower as well as two persons in the tower that watched this entire process and are luck to be alive. There was almost no debris to the right/south of the impact point but I found a compressor blade and carbon fiber pieces over 3/4 of a mile away to the north on 27 when we were collecting evidence. The biggest piece of debris I saw was one of the engines smashed…but intact in the building. I saw the building from the inside and outside..before during and after the collapse and rest assured that it was indeed an American airlines 757 that struck the Pentagon that morning. no photos clearly show the size of the original breech…it was at least 10-12 feet high and 20-30 feet wide not than size persons who weren’t there claim. I don’t know what else I can say to convince you. I hope your search for the truth will end with this e-mail as I have nothing to gain by lying or distorting facts.. I live with what I saw everyday of my life, It has taken a long time to deal with the images, screams and anger I felt that day, to be honest your website angered me to the point I wanted to just curse and rant and rave but I decided this would be much more helpful in quelling misconceptions

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