Debris Witnesses

If you have any doubts about debris inside the Pentagon you might like to read this email I received from Jeff Maynor. He is one of the many people who were involved in the cleanup on the day after 9/11. He sent this email after reading my initial version of “What Hit the Pentagon? Misinformation and its Effects on the Credibility of 9/11 Truth”. Note that my paper does not promote the “planted plane parts theory”. It simply states that there are others who do.

I read your paper. I think the only thing I disagree with is the planted plane parts theory, mostly because I was there pulling out plane parts and finding bodies. I was in the army at the time, part of the 3rd US INF (The old guard). So I lived at Fort Myers on the other side of Arlington cemetery from the Pentagon. My window shook from the impact. A day later when they got the fire under control more, they called us in to do a search and rescue. I remember making paths though all the wreckage – twisted metal everywhere. We were more just looking for bodies because there were no survivors at that point. It was very dark and thoughts of it not being a plane never crossed my mind. I remember the floor boards very well – picking up these floor boards that looked like the center path of the plane walkway. I also remember carrying an engine out, or a huge piece of metal that was taller than me, that took about 8 very strong guys to carry to the breezeway between the columns. I also remember that hole between the columns and also that it struck me as wow it punched through, but I think it might have just been the firefighters that put it there.

Anyways I guess I’m kind of rambling on. But there are questions that people never seem to ask when saying that something other than the 757 hit. Firstly, if the 757 didn’t hit it, where is that plane now and where are the people that were on it? Secondly, it is ridiculous to think that for such an elaborate plan they would use a missile or explosive in plain daylight and with god knows how many witnesses that might have cameras. That just seems like a risk our government would not take. I can say with certainty that nothing exploded. The roof collapsed and I was in office rooms that were cut in two on the top floor – some of the windows didn’t even break. In fact I was in a room that was full of computers and it wasn’t touched right next to where the plane hit. All I can say is that if anyone was in that room they were the most lucky people there.

Every time we found a body the FBI would have us leave so they could do whatever and we did sort through the plane parts. We had a section in the parking lot just for what appeared to be the plane parts. But anyways I’m not sure why they didn’t just show the video or someone subpoena it. Who makes these decisions not to show it? It’s ridiculous. I would say the same thing about the Oklahoma city bombing. Lots of footage never shown, never released but why? It’s not exactly sensitive material. Footage would not show the inside of the building or anything.

I guess I’m trying to find answers too. I included a pic as proof. Next time you watch the discovery channel and see that episode about the Pentagon you won’t see us and they don’t even mention us. It’s like we were never there.


Other witnesses to plane debris inside the Pentagon can be found at the U.S. Army Center of Military History, for example,

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