Critiques of Barbara Honegger’s Analysis of the Pentagon Event

Barbara Honegger has put forward a loose collection of speculative hypotheses about the Pentagon event on 9/11, most notably presented in her Seattle presentation, Behind the Smoke Curtain (2015 Edited Version). A more recent presentation in which she made many of the same claims was at the Master Class on the Events of 9/11/2001, Zurich, Switz., Sept. 11, 2019

Please be aware of the serious critiques of her work that have been put forward:

We urge you not to take Behind the Smoke Curtain as a reliable source of information about the Pentagon attack until the many errors that have already been documented are corrected. The 9/11 Truth Movement has a solid scientific basis, but promoting shoddy and deceptive research can discredit the hard work that has gone into uncovering the truth. There is much chaff to be separated from the wheat.

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