Toronto Hearings DVD

The full Toronto Hearings DVD has now been made available on YouTube.  We encourage you to support the film maker by purchasing the DVD, but the YouTube version is a good way to share this important event.  (The talks on the DVD are edited for length, but the total duration is still over 5 hours 20 min.)  The video 9/11: Decade of Deception is an overview (2 hours) which draws on excerpts from the talks and other commentary at the hearings.



Day 1: Lorie Van Auken, Lance DeHaven-Smith, David Ray Griffin, Kevin Ryan


Day 2: Paul Zarembka, Barbara Honegger, Jay Kolar, Richard Gage, Michel Chossudovsky, Cynthia McKinney


Day 3: Graeme MacQueen, David Chandler, Jonathan Cole, Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit


Day 4: David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Laurie Manwell, Mike Gravel, Bob McIlvaine


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